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One of the most valuable resources Caltech offers is research, particularly how much complex and mentally stimulating research is available to undergraduates. While many Caltech students take advantage of those opportunities by pursuing a SURF in the summer, professors' labs are still operating during the school year. Thus, students can benefit from the research learning experience by participating in academic year research as well. Based on feedback from the Spring 2007 Student-Faculty Conference, students want an easy way of finding out about academic year research opportunities and faculty want to recruit more undergraduates during the year.

What is UROH?

In a collaborative effort between the Student-Faculty Programs (SFP) Office and the Academics and Research Committee (ARC), the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Handbook (UROH) is meant to encourage students to pursue academic year research by providing easily accessible descriptions of projects that faculty are offering for the academic year. The format of the postings is similar to the SURF Announcements of Opportunity, with some additional information about how many hours per week are expected and whether students can conduct the research for academic units, work-study, or pay.

Students, please note that some professors who are interested in academic year undergraduate collaborators may not post on this site. Do not hesitate to take initiative and contact faculty who do not have UROH postings; you can still ask them questions about possible opportunities and other items such as how many hours they expect you to work and what compensation you can expect. Also, the information provided about these opportunities is not meant to substitute for an initial meeting between the students and faculty in which you make sure that your expectations are aligned.

What can be found here?

UROH is an on-line system that allows Caltech faculty and JPL scientists to post academic-year and summer, non-SURF, research opportunities for students. These opportunities are for academic credit, work-study, or pay. These are research opportunities, NOT job postings, internships, or SURFs.

For information on jobs or internships please visit the Career Development Center site (www.career.caltech.edu) and for SURF opportunities please visit the Student-Faculty Programs Office site (www.sfp.caltech.edu).

Please note that these opportunities are for Caltech students only.

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